petite puce mmiEPS,EPP,... mould


Agricultural Processing Industry


moule agro-alimentaire
Germination tray moulds for the horticultural industry mmi plateau germoir pse EPS germination tray

Automobile Industry

mmi cao moule automobile
moule agro-alimentaire
Padding mould
Lifting jack part
mmi automobile moule

mmi pièce
mmi pièce
EPP packaging part for the automotive industry


cao moule agro-alimentaire
Floor panel mould

moule hourdi
Floor panel mould


moule agro-alimentaire cao
Wine temperature control EPS part mould


Sports and leisure / Art and decoration

mmi moule plaque décor

Mould for EPS decorative plate

Part samples of moulded parts

sport et loisir

Mountain bike helmet



mmi etagere epp

EPP shelf

Medical and Pharmaceutical

moule agro-alimentaire mmi medical
Mould for the transport of refrigerated parts EPP part